A massive thank you to all of our speakers! Here's a little more information on each and every one.

Adam Browne


Adam was originally trained as an architect, then became involved in desktop publishing and internet publishing in their 1990s early stages, and now works in cross-media publishing and building online services.

He has worked for major publishing companies in the UK and elsewhere, including News International, Independent News & Media, and Phaidon Press. He started using Drupal over ten years ago, and is an Acquia Certified Site Builder.

Adam joined miggle as Lead Product Manager in August 2014, and is involved in evaluating, specifying, planning, and managing projects.

Alick Mighall


Alick Mighall has been working in digital since 1994 and set up miggle in 2007. A full service agency of 11, based in Brighton, they have been working with Drupal since 2011. Besides the inevitable day to day grind of running a small business, Alick sees himself as a Product Manager and enjoys the challenge of trying to determine how online can help organisations achieve their objectives. Outside of work in the last year he’s enjoyed taking up mountain biking, watching Brighton win Premier League promotion and spending more time with his kids (if he can).

Alison Bancroft

Alison develops strategic, project-based solutions (mostly offline) for corporate clients. She is particularly interested in projects involving grass-roots innovation and cross-sector collaborations. Her use of Drupal began with a belief in the need for community technologies that support, rather than constrain experimentation and project growth. As her understanding of Drupal deepens, she is becoming increasingly committed to finding ways of making it more accessible to small organisations with limited tech options.

Ana Hassel

Ana is a freelance Drupal site-builder/developer - but in the past has been a carpenter and sound engineer for both television and radio. Over the years she has mainly been self-employed or running her own business. She lived in New Zealand for 15 years, but she is originally German.

Ben Everard

The Idea Bureau

Ben is co-founder and developer at The Idea Bureau, a creative digital workshop based in Somerset, working with organisations worldwide. But by night, Ben is a keen maker, where skills from his "day job" compliment projects made from wood, metal or with electronics.

Chandeep Khosa

Imagine Creativity

A freelance Drupal developer based in London, Chandeep has been using Drupal since 2007. He founded his local user group Drupal West London in 2014 and has been organising monthly meetups with it ever since. He has been involved in training apprentice Drupal developers and digital teams.

Dave Liddament

Dave is a Director and developer at Lamp Bristol, a software consultancy. Today he codes in PHP and uses the Symfony framework. In the past he's written software commercially in many languages including C, Python, Java as well as PHP.

Dave is keen to pass on his knowledge. He helps organise PHP-SW where he occasionally talks. He also runs a monthly workshop that offer introductions to topics like testing, setting up a CI environment and git.

When not busy coding Dave enjoys scuba diving and running.

David Lillington


David is Head of Strategy for Microserve and leads new business and client relations. Before joining Microserve he guest lectured for over 3 years in Business Information Systems and Strategy in Bristol, and more recently spearheaded the transformation of a traditional publishing firm to a full service design and media agency.

One of the first moves David made when he joined Microserve was to cement their commercial strategy as ‘Experts in Drupal’, and in the time he's been with Microserve, the business has seen substantial growth, both in terms of the number and overall quality of new client acquisitions, and the strength and depth of the companies in-house capabilities.

A keen supporter of Bristol City FC David believes his positive attitude stems from living in hope they’ll survive each season's relegation battle!

Deji Akala

Deji, a Zend Certified PHP Engineer, works as a Software Engineer with the British Council in London. He's passionate about Open Source, contributes to Drupal and writes on web application development. He has worked as a dentist, teacher of English as a Foreign Language and radio journalist. Oh yes, he's four times a dad and supports Arsenal FC.

Emma Karayiannis

Emma Karayiannis profile picture

Emma is a huge Open Source community advocate. Over the past 4 years, Emma has taken part in many (if not all) forms of contribution within the Drupal community. Emma's current focus has been to put the code aside to support the people who contribute to Drupal. Her current responsibilities include being a member of the Drupal Community Working Group and the creator of the 'Being Human' session track for DrupalCon.

George Boobyer

Blue-Bag Ltd

George has over thirty years' experience in computing and after a career in academic and public agency data analysis, co-founded Blue-Bag Ltd in 2000. 

In his day job with Blue-Bag, George provides a range of Drupal development, support and system administration services to clients.

He has a long standing interest in the world of online security and keeping up with the current threat landscape that influences a suite of open source Ansible roles he maintains to manage secure immutable infrastructure.

He presents regularly on tried and tested, and often simple measures that can be taken to secure web applications without raising barriers to getting things done.

Ian Noah

Ian's work reflects his professional and corporate experience in arts and cultural heritage; multi-disciplinary design; film and video production; and enterprise development. He has found Drupal to be extremely useful in its ability to deliver innovative, co-operative, open source web solutions.

James South

Nudge Digital

James is Lead Developer at Bristol-based agency Nudge Digital and has been working with the Drupal platform for the past 6 years. He's passionate about delivering optimised and accessible solutions with a range of web technologies and is normally found keeping out of direct sunlight.

Jeffrey A. "Jam" McGuire

Jeffrey, or “jam” as we all know him, has the unique ability to lead people forward. With storytelling, he is able to crystallize his message and move communities forward into new understandings. Over the years, I have seen him use his mastery in Drupal, open source software, and understanding of market forces, to educate the US and European Drupal business ecosystems, giving them insights into new opportunities and paths forward. Of course, at the root of this unique ability is his passion and genuine interest in people and his desire to showcase the amazing things these people accomplish. - Megan Sanicki, Executive Director, Drupal Association

Johan Gant


Johan is an experienced web developer and development team leader currently working at Torchbox - one of the UK's leading digital agencies.

Jon Smith


Passionate about digital, marketing & e-commerce, Jon is currently leading the digital transformation of YHA England & Wales. Online revenues have doubled in just 2 years, and he has a raft of new ideas in the pipeline to serve customers better, fast and cheaper.  With over 10 years experience in digital, Jon’s mantra for online growth is simple;  more targeted traffic + improved UX = success!

Justine Pocock

Code Enigma

Having come from a Graphic design background Justine Pocock found Drupal through a copy of Net magazine in 2010 whilst doing her weekly shop and had her life switched upside down (or the right way round) from that moment. She has helped organise several Drupal events, including Frontend United and her first ever public talk was here at Drupalcamp Bristol last year.

She's recently started work for Code Enigma where she's excited to build on and help develop their design-led approach.

Justine enjoys her spending time at her allotment and brewing, fermenting or pickling anything she can find in her spare time. 

Katy Ereira


Geeky software developer, prolific knitter, avid allotmenteer, health seeker, 日本語 speaker. Solutions Architect at Deeson.

Keir Moffatt

Keir has been a freelance front-end developer for over 14 years, having worked on sites both large and small for the likes of Aardman, Bristol City Council and British Cycling. 

When not obsessing over pattern libraries, you might find him teaching snowboarding or trying to figure out how to make his FPV racing drone actually fly.

Lee Stone


Lee is the web development team lead for Gradwell where he mentors other team members and designs & develops new features and system integrations. He is also an organiser of the PHP South West meetup group and helps out with the PHP South Coast Conference. When not behind a keyboard, you'll find Lee in a theme park, or behind the scenes of theatre shows at Glastonbury, edFringe and in local theatres.

Louis Sawtell


Louis is the most senior dev at miggle, where he’s been since 2011. An Acquia certified developer, he’s been working with Drupal for seven years. His main areas of focus are on back-end development, Apache Solr and service integrations. A contributor and maintainer of a number of projects on drupal.org, Louis also takes care of ensuring that we apply best practice to how we manage development workflows, automated testing and maintenance.

Lucian Buzzo


Lucian has been building rich front ends on top of Drupal for the last 4 years and is now working as a software engineer at resin.io.

Luke Aikman

Nudge Digital

Luke is a proven CEO with board positions in technology, advertising and training companies. He has taken several companies from start-up to multi-million dollar companies and is consistently pushing boundaries, both personal and those of his clients, employees and colleagues.

His insight, ideation and creative thinking at the planning stages of projects brings an extra dimension to the work Nudge delivers. 

Matt Jukes


Matt is the Product Manager for the Better Cities team at mySociety, a  a not-for-profit social enterprise that builds digital tools to empower citizens. Before joining mySociety Matt had a long career as a public servant including leading the digital transformation team at the Office for National Statistics.

Rob Humphries


Rob's background has been mainly on the client side, managing large database and analysis tool implementations in the finance and marketing sectors. He's now putting that experience to good use as Head of Production at Microserve where his focus is on creating processes that allow management with a light touch.

Ross Gratton

Proctor + Stevenson

Ross is too old for this s**t! He has been working with web technologies for 17 years, started out writing HTML & PHP all night listening to Propellerheads. Now working with Global brands in the less antisocial, daylight hours.

He's written CMSs, housing management software, e-commerce software, freelancer management software, bookmarklet add-ons, responsive Arabic UIs. With JS, PHP, C#, ASP, Angular, Informix 4GL for goodness' sake! Never a dull moment.

Currently the Front end lead for Bristol Agency Proctor + Stevenson, Ross is trying to navigate the emerging web tech landscape and do the best he can.

Oh yeah, Drupal, also Drupal.